Why Sub Ohming Is Trendy In The Vaping World

IECO12-2If you are a vaping fan, you must have heard of sub ohming. This is the use of vape tanks (sub ohm tanks) of low resistance, usually levels below 1.0 ohms. Sub ohming is very popular today—and for good reasons as you’ll learn later on. But first, it’s important to understand a few basics about the sub ohm vape tanks.

The Basics of the Sub Ohm Tanks

There are a couple of things that you should keep in mind when looking for an excellent sub ohm vape tank. To begin with, you should be sure that your vaping device, especially the battery, can handle the power needs that the sub ohm tank operates under. Popular options use resistance levels of between 0.2 ohms and 0.5 ohms but not all devices are compatible with these ranges. Therefore, you have to verify that the tank matches your device before buying it.

Secondly, you should note that the sub ohm tanks are not designed to be used by the standard vaping pens. Just because the tanks are there in the market doesn’t mean that you should use them with your average vape pen.

Lastly, the sub ohm tanks produce vast vapor clouds. This means that they consume more e-liquid. In fact, their consumption is double the consumption of the average e-cigs. This should not put you off as the vaping benefits that you enjoy from the sub ohm tanks outweigh the expenses.

What Makes Sub Ohming Popular?

Sub ohming is popular because of the benefits attached to the use of the vape tanks. The vaping trend is popular due to four major reasons. First, the sub ohm tanks produce greater vapor clouds. This is because they use vast wicks and greater power. Secondly, sub ohming is appreciated because of smoother hits it produces. With the wattage controls, you are able to regulate how much nicotine to vape. Once you lower the nicotine strength and increase the vegetable glycerin level, the end result is a smooth hit. Thirdly, the best sub ohm tank produces warmer clouds that are kinder to your lips. Finally, sub ohm tanks are associated with intense and enjoyable flavors such as mint, strawberry, banana, apple, peach, and honey among others. The enhanced flavor is linked to quality wick materials and low ohm values.

Features to Consider

Other than power, compatibility, and vapor output, the following features make the tanks special:

• Capacity: Top sub ohm tanks come with voluminous capacities. You are allowed to fill up to 2ml or more. This ensures that you have enough e-juice to enjoy your vaping.

• Top-fill design: This feature allows you to fill the tank on the go. If you are a vaper who travels often, the sub ohm tank with a top-fill design will serve you best.

• Finish: The two most popular finishes of the sub ohm tanks are rubber and stainless steel. The two are not only attractive but also tough.

• Cool system: A vape tank that allows you to swap the cool system is a great design. You are able to swap even when the tank is completely filled with the e-liquid.


There you have it; a quick overview of vape tanks. As at now, you have a clear understanding of what sub ohming is and why you should go for the best sub ohm tank. If you are still in doubt, why don’t you learn from experience? You can go online and order for your sub ohm vape tank and verify everything by yourself. You can also check online reviews on sub ohm tanks to see what other vapers are saying about their experiences with various tanks.

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