How To Choose The Best Vape Battery

EVOD-Variable-Battery-1000-mAh-Twist-300x275Choosing the best vape battery depends on a number of things. Among them are battery capacity, current rating, voltage when vaping, and the lowest operating temperature of the battery.

Battery Capacity

This refers to how long the battery will last your mod before recharging it. Most standard vape batteries have a capacity of 2500mAh. This should be enough to last you an hour of vaping at low power or half an hour on full power.

High Current Rating

The current rating determines how safe the battery can deliver power to your mod without overheating. In addition, a high current vape battery will charge faster at high power compared to a low current one. However, there is a tradeoff between current rating and battery capacity. Vaping batteries with high current ratings normally have a low battery capacity and vice versa. This means that if you want a battery that charges faster, you have to be content with recharging it frequently. On the other hand, a high capacity vaping battery lasts you longer but will recharge slowly.

High voltage vaping power

The higher the voltage power, the more current it delivers hence the more vape your mode produces. A high voltage battery also does not have to work hard to heat the mod’s coil. Most vape batteries do not come with the voltage rating labeled on the packaging. However, the only way to ensure that your vape battery has a high voltage is if it comes with a high current rating or if it has a good battery capacity.

Cool/Low running temperature

A vape battery with a low running temperature means it also cools faster. This is important because it ensures that your battery lasts longer. In addition, the cool running temperature technology protects the battery from overheating and ruining your mod. With a low running temperature, you have all the freedom to tweak the power settings or choose different resistance coils for the mod.

Currently, the best vape battery on the market manages a capacity of 2500mAh at 20A. A vape mod battery that has a 15A rating will still perform like the 2500mAh.


When buying vaping batteries, ensure that you are shopping for the best brands in the market or purchasing from reputable and verified stores. This ensures that you get a battery with the best capacity, current rating, voltage capacity, and low running temperature. Remember, things like price are great aspects when it comes to choosing a good vape battery but not that important when considered in the long term. This is because spending a couple of dollars for a good vape battery is almost nothing compared to having a better and safer vaping experience for a year or longer.


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